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“My personal colour wallet will now live in my handbag, a very useful aid to make shopping more enjoyable, saving me time and money in the future. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family, thanks Petra.”


Being happy with who you are and comfortable in your own skin is one of the secrets to happiness, and looking good (and knowing you look great!) is a sure way to boost your self-esteem.

By arriving here, you’ve taken the first step and shown that you’re looking for some professional help, and are ready to invest both time and money to achieve the results you’re after.

My name is Petra Dutton and I am here to help you

Through gaining a clear understanding of where you are in your life, I can help you create an image that better reflects who you are, by discovering the right shades, colours and styles and how to wear them.

All the packages I offer will help you develop a confident and positive approach to shopping and styling your wardrobe. It’s such fun, and incredibly satisfying, to go to your favourite shop armed with your personal swatches, ready to select the right styles in the right colours. And you’ll also save time and money too – no more purchases that sit at the back of wardrobe!

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“My colour consultation with Petra was truly an eye opener! I now know the colours that will make me look ten years younger, appear confident and assertive (always a good thing for job interviews), and my ‘wow’ colour that will make me stand out in a crowd!”


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Client 2 after image consultant wardrobe makeover

“My excellent colour consultation was a real treat and totally inspiring. I had no idea about matching the correct colours to skin tone and eye colour, thanks to you I now understand which colours suit me and now have the confidence to wear a range of colours that I wouldn’t have considered before.”


Package 1 – Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis (or a Skin & Eye Tone colour matching) is the process of determining the colour of clothing that will best match your skin complexion and eye colour. After working with you to discover how you want to look and feel, I will help you to understand the difference between clarity of colours, and together we will use a range of 120 colour drapes to create a palette of suitable shades which are ideal for you.

The Colour Analysis package includes a phone call prior to the consultation, followed by a 90-minute consultation where we will explore the colours that suit you. After our session you will receive your personal swatches.

Colour Analysis: £93

“Don’t just live a life of black and white when there’s a spectrum of colours available for you. Don’t confine yourself, instead express yourself and have some fun.”

“Any body shape is beautiful. It’s about loving what you got and rocking it.”
Meghan Trainor

Package 2 – Body Shape

Choosing clothes is a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape. I will work with you to choose items that suit your individual body type and shape, and once you see what a difference a few simple changes can make to your confidence, you will know that your new wardrobe will showcase your figure in the best possible light.

The Body Shape package include a telephone consultation beforehand to discuss your needs, followed by a 90-minute consultation to discover the styles that look great and boost your self-esteem. Afterwards you will receive a short guide.

Body Shape: £93

Package 3 – Personal Shopping

Big interview coming up? Son or daughter getting married? Need a great outfit for a big birthday? I love to shop and so we can spend a morning or afternoon together, and I will help you pick your outfit for a special event or even a full wardrobe overhaul.

With an extensive knowledge of what’s currently on the shelves, it means I can direct you quickly to the retailers with the outfits to best suit your needs. No need to spend hours traipsing from shop to shop.

This package includes a telephone consultation beforehand to discuss your needs, and ideally works best in combination with either package 1 or 2.

Personal Shopping: £165

“Buy less.
Chose well.
Make it last!”
Vivienne Westwood

“Opening your closet should be like arriving at a really good party, where everyone you see is someone you like.”
Amy Fine Collins

Package 4 – Wardrobe De-Cluttering

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes you have bought and have never worn? Are you unsure which colours and styles best compliment your shape and natural tones? Too much clutter in your wardrobe, cramped hangers and overflowing shelves can leave you feeling discouraged and demotivated.

If you’ve had enough of opening your wardrobe door and thinking that still you have nothing to wear, let me be of service, let’s get it sorted out. I’m here to help you not only feel satisfied, cheerful and organised, but to give you a clear understanding of what suits you and flatters your figure.

We will work together over a period of 2 and a half hours so that you can feel happy and excited when you open your wardrobe. (This package works best in combination with package 2).

Wardrobe De-Cluttering: £130

“Petra was very patient and informative and really knew her stuff – I hadn’t realised there was so much to know about colour. For anyone that wants to feel good about themselves, know what colours to wear when, or just want the excuse to buy a new wardrobe… have a colour consultation with Petra!”


About me

Originally from the Czech Republic, I’ve always been a ‘people person’, originally training and working as an ITU and Practice Nurse. I’m now married with two children and live in Devon.

Having always loved colours, I’ve been fascinated with fashion, beauty and style for many years. From a young age I have expressed my feelings through colour – on canvas (I paint in my spare time) and through the clothes I wear.

I love working with colours… with light. I’ve found that when you wear the right colours they will reflect your unique individuality, helping you to look healthy, happy and beaming with energy.

And I believe that in this dynamic field of life it’s important to have a feel for individual personal beauty and harmony. So I don’t work from a formal guide that someone somewhere has written, it’s more of a fluid process where I create a calm and friendly environment in which I listen, advise and work.

Everyone has things going for them – I will help you to identify them and bring them to your attention

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